If you don't love it, you don't use it and it doesn't lift your energy when you see it - what is it doing in your house?
...or your garage or your garden or your office? Even our cars, computers and handbags need a good clear out from time to time.
Clutter Clearing is one of the best ways we can make life better for ourselves. It is something everyone can do, at any time - but sometimes we need a bit of help and inspiration.
Thea Bennett with Mary Halsey of Juniper House Interiors
Thea and Mary halsey
A Clutter Clearing consultation will show you what needs to go - and give the impetus to actually get rid of clutter. I will go through your house or office with you, talk through everything in detail and leave you with a clear plan of what do, how to do it, and, if you wish, a timescale to work to.
Clutter Clearing Workshops and Support Groups are a great way to inspire yourself to action. Learn how your clutter is holding you back, discover how easy it is to let go of it - and share your experiences with others.
Bookings last year included a series of Clutter Clearing Seminars at Crystal Clear in Northampton, plus talks for Northampton Feng Shui Society and also for Mary Halsey, a design consultant who runs Juniper House Interiors. (see picture)
See the website or watch this space for details of upcoming dates.
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