Large clear citrine crystal

Crystals are of the earth and are wonderful for healing geopathic stress
What is Earth Acupuncture?

Just like the human body, the earth has energy lines or meridians, the flow of which can become blocked and stagnant. This phenomenon is often known as 'geopathic stress'. Building work, road construction, landfill sites and traumatic events - from battles to accidents to a simple tree-felling - can all cause geopathic stress.
Our own energies are constantly interacting with the earth energy around us. If the earth has been abused or disturbed and nothing has been done to restore the balance, we may find ourselves tuning into this disturbed energy and health problems and mental disturbances may occur.
If there are areas in your home or garden which feel unpleasant, or where clutter accumulates and is impossible to clear, it may be that geopathic stress is the cause.
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Tree energies refresh and regenerate blocked earth energies. Often trees have been cut down where houses have been built and nothing done to restore the balance.

What happens during a consultation?
Using dowsing techniques I pick up where energies are blocked, and identify the points which can be worked on with Earth Acupuncture techniques.
I use crystals, leaves, flowers, shells, tree and plant essences, and other natural manifestations of earth energy to work on a very deep level and clear anything stagnant.
Earth Acupuncture is the perfect complement to Space Healing, a consultation will often involve a combination of the two.

Client feedback:
"The porch into my basement flat was always very dark and sad. When the crystals were put down in there it was like rocket fuel! Everything was so bright suddenly." VE, London
"My husband's asthma is improving since you worked on the energy which was affecting our bedroom" JS, Rugby
Using dowsing rods to pick up a blocked energy line outside a house in Milton Keynes
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