Richard Atherton
Richard Atherton and Sharon Boyd set up Juno Records in 1997, with just the two of them working out of one small room. They were taking quite a big risk, investing time and money in their new business. I went in right at the beginning and Space Cleared the tiny office for them. Within a matter of weeks, they were snowed under with orders and were ready to look for bigger premises and to employ staff to help them.
In June 1999, Sharon and Richard asked me to Space Clear their latest office - they were taking over the whole floor of an office block in Islington, London. This particular location had not been very favourable for previous businesses - there had been a very high turnover of companies leaving when things didn't work out.
Sharon Boyd
I felt it was very important to clear out this 'predecessor energy' leaving Sharon and Richard free to forge ahead and continue the expansion of Juno Records.
Over the last six months, turnover has increased dramatically. Not only have profits increased, but Richard and Sharon now employ six full-time and six part-time staff, with more to be recruited very soon. They are now looking at organising the business so that they can take more time out - both for relaxing and for planning their future.
Sharon Boyd says:
"Thea has space cleared all our offices (we've had three in as many years). The business just keeps going from strength to strength and we're about to take on yet more staff.
"Being an internet-based business, we have a lot of computers in the office and wires all over the place but the atmosphere is always light and airy unlike other office spaces I've worked in. Richard especially spends a lot of time at his screen but rarely get the headaches he was prone to before.
"The office is always busy and sometimes stressful but I think everybody agrees that it's a great space to work in.
"Thea came to do the clearing during the last move before we moved all our equipment and stuff in. It's a beautiful ceremony involving lots of flowers and delicious incense...
"... After she'd finished clearing all the stuck and complicated energy (mainly around the door and one corner in particular) we both sat down and thought about the space. I visualised how I wanted the business to progress and what I needed from it. It felt very important to take the time to 'say hello' to our new office and to recognise Juno's new environment.
"Thea leaves you with lots of tips on how to keep the energy fresh, such as placing rose quartz crystals on the computer monitors to break up the nasty energy they generate (they look very attractive too). And also what type of plants will keep the atmosphere light and fresh. It is both a practical and a spiritual experience which has been very beneficial for our business and our staff."
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