How about this for a pile of rubbish?
As a mail-order business, Juno generates a lot of waste packaging every day. This can create big problems with stuck energy - but there have been a few times in Juno's history when the junk has come in very useful...
Sometimes, especially after I have been in and done a Space Clearing, the orders have come in too fast to be processed, and Sharon and Richard have found themselves working round the clock to keep up... I advised them to keep some old boxes by the door, just to slow down the flow of energy until they were able to get help.
But now, I'm pleased to say, the company is in such good shape that they don't need the friendly rubbish heap any more - and there's a rubbish rota so that everyone takes their turn to do a big clear-out each day.
I find it interesting that Juno Records has been successful with virtually no marketing or advertising strategy...
...The business just seems to expand to fill whatever space it occupies.
Richard and Sharon's attitude to their business has a lot to do with this - they are both very aware of the importance of making their customers feel important and special, and of creating a warm, creative atmosphere in the office space, so that their staff enjoy what might otherwise seem a repetitive and heavy work routine.
It has been a pleasure to support them with my Space Healing work. Here's to their future growth and prosperity.
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