Thea at Juno Records - see case studies
Thea at Juno Records

Space Healing is a wonderful way to bring fresh energy into your business. Prosperity, inspiration and harmony are all increased when the stuck energy is cleared.
My business clients have varied from an e-business, Juno Records (see their story) to a busy computer software company; from a publishing and research organisation to a photography studio. I have even worked on a rehearsal studio for a company of actors. (Their profit share production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure was a sell-out success, leading to further bookings and even a sizeable payment to all the actors at the end of the run - almost unheard of in fringe theatre!)
Space Healing works particularly well in therapy or consultation rooms, where lots of clients are passing through.

Client feedback:
"I used to put off doing the monthly accounts till the last possible moment. Since the offices were Space Healed I look forward to it - we seem to be making a profit at last, and might even be able to give employees a bonus payment this year." Business Manager, NAM Publications, London
"Since Thea cleared my clinic room the phone hasn't stopped ringing with new clients. And I don't feel so tired and out-of-sorts any more." Physiotherapist, Northampton
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