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Client feedback: "This house feels like my home now. We have been here several years and it has been an uphill struggle. But now it feels like it belongs to us. And my son is happy to sleep in his own room at last - he always felt unhappy there before." SG, Milton Keynes
What is Space Healing?
We all sense that different places have different atmospheres - some good, and some not so good. Everything that happens affects the energy in the space around us. We all know what it's like to walk into a room where there has been an argument - that feeling of "you could cut the air with a knife". Over time, stuck, stagnant energy builds up and can make us feel stuck too, creating all kinds of problems in our lives. We may feel tired and depressed, our health may suffer, and finances and relationships may start to go wrong.
  • Space Healing uses gentle but powerful techniques to shift stuck energy and create a bright, healing atmosphere in homes and workplaces.
  • A Space Healing consultation will help to enhance your relationships, bring support and abundance to everything you do, and give you the opportunity to create the life you really want for yourself
  • Space Healing puts the heart back into your home
Landings and hallways often have a build-up of negative energies, especially if used by a lot of people.
Sensing the energy

Client feedback: "I had been going round for years saying 'I hate this house' but after the clearing I felt able to make my peace with it. When I left for my new home it was without hatred or regret. The Space Healing enabled me to take something positive from it into my new life" RC, London
What happens during a consultation?
When I arrive at your home or workplace, I will ask you to show me round, and we will discuss what you are hoping to gain from the Space Healing. An energy sensing follows, working with the energy field and picking up those 'stuck' spots.
Next, offerings of flowers, candles, incense and holy water - repre­senting the four elements - are set up in each room, which creates a beautiful balanced ambience within which the clearing takes place. I use sound for this - clapping and ringing a Balinese Temple Bell which dispels negativity and balances and refines the energy. I then shield the space, so that it remains pure, bright and balanced.
All through the process you will be able to hear and feel the energy changing and lifting - and at the end of the clearing and healing ceremony you will feel beautifully energised.
The final stage is a guided meditation in which you fill your space with your positive intentions for the future, with love and with light.
The offering table
When is it appropriate to have Space Healing?
Space Healing is particularly effective if you have moved into a new home, but feel as if you don't quite belong there; if you want to move, but can't find a buyer, or can't find a the right property for yourself; if you feel you are stuck in your life and want to move on; if you are experiencing relationship difficulties; if you are expecting a new baby and want everything to be 'just right' for their arrival.

Client feedback:
"This flat never really felt like home - more a like collection of people's rooms. Now it's warm and alive and I look forward to getting back in the evening." SB, London
"Thank you for the Space Healing. I knew it was time for me to change jobs. I would never have believed it could happen so easily. My first interview was successful" AP, Essex
Client feedback: "When you Space Healed my old flat last year, I was looking for a wonderful man in my life. I've found him, he's here now, please come and do our new flat for us!" EL, London
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